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B1 Clinical Study Designer

-Design EDC online by point & click

We fully understand the challenge and complexity of clinical studies, but the tools to help researchers should never pose any extra challenge. As simple as possible but not simpler, that is B1 Clinical Study Designer. We are glad to share this tool with the clinical study community as a part of our commitment to support the standardization effort of CDISC(Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium). This tool is based on the  CDISC ODM(Operational Data Model) standard.

The application server is temporarily down but will be running soon. We apologize for this.

B1 Clinical Study Designer

Introduction Tour and Tutorial

Two sample CRF's generated by B1 CRF engine:



(Please note that you will be logged in as user "guest" automatically. The sample forms only demonstrate the initial state and data submission of CRF, not including sophisticated editing features of B1 system)



  • Supporting the latest version of the CDISC ODM.
  • Wizard type user interface minimizing learning time. Users can start study design instantly following the simple tutorial.
  • Exporting study in ODM format which can be imported into any EDC system that supports ODM.
  • Importing study in ODM format (restricted to one MetaDataVersion per import).
  • Available 24/7 online. No need to install anything.
  • Supporting all major browsers.
  • Private and secure workspace to store and organize your studies (registration is required).