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Color Science

A collection of color science related tools available online since 1999

  •  1931 CIE Diagrams  remain the commonly accepted language (not necessarily the best one) to describe colors quantitatively.
  •  Color Vision Test  is an online test based on Confusion Lines .  It tests different types of color vision deficiencies: tritanopia - blue blindness which is very rare,  deuteranopia - green blindness, protanopia - red blindness.   The latter two are more common and difficult to distinguish from one another by quick test such as this one. 
    • Copunctal Points are essential for creating confusion lines for dichromats (people who have only two types of cones instead of three that normal people have). Each type of dichromat has a copunctal point.
    • Confusion Lines are the lines in a color space such as CIE chromaticity diagram on which colors are not distinguishable for corresponding dichromats. Each type of dichromat has its confusion line.   
  • Spectral Curves compare two sets of spectral curves (e.g. color matching functions, cone fundamentals).
  • Color Space explains color space and the rationale behind using CIE 1931 color space on this site.
  • Color appearance simulation expresses a view on color apperance simulation and poses some questions about the current technology in this area.
  • Benham's Top is one of the interesting subjective color phenomena.