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B1 Platform - Biyee's Solution to Data Challenges


Full featured, standard based, regulation compliant, exceptionally low cost and fast deployable electronic data capture system for clinical studies.

B1 Study Designer

Free online clinical study designer allowing study design based on the CDISC ODM standard by point & click.

ODM/Define.xml Validator

Free online tool to validate xml files against the CDISC ODM or Define.xml standard.

XML Validator

Free online tool to validate xml files accommodating multiple external DTD or schema files.

  • Robustness. Its extensively tested, highly reusable core components and automated code generation process avoid the high probability of error resulted from developing each component individually for every application.
  • Compatibility. It is based on the latest client and server technologies supported by the most widely deployed IT infrastructures.
  • Flexibility. It can be deployed to either an institution's intranet or an outside server (i.e. cloud computing infrastructure).
  • Usability. Its Web based user interface employs common practice in its design so users can feel instant familiarity. It also uses Ajax technology to enhance user experience. Its clear data structure allows users to easily conduct ad hoc data analysis or management.
  • Economy. Biyee's relentless innovation allows a full featured system to be custom built and deployed quickly passing the saving to customers who have full rights of the system to be deployed in way serving their best interest.
  • Customizability. It is not an off-the-shelf application. Every aspect, from data structure to user interface, is customized to meet each user's specific needs.
  • Security. For intranet deployment, its security management can be integrated into the institution's security system. For cloud deployment, multiple measures including password, activity monitoring, client IP filtering, etc. are employed to secure data.
  • Compliance. It can be configured to comply with specific regulation such as 21 CFR Part 11.