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Biyee Color Vision Test Pro

This version of Biyee color vision test application has been developed in response to the repeated requests for the capability of running the test offline.  It is intended to serve researchers and practitioners (e.g. optometrists, ophthalmologists) with the training in color vision.  It can be used to replace the traditional Ishihara color plates and offer more granular and quantified data that are particularly useful for diagnosing anomalous trichromacy (i.e. protanomaly, deuteranomaly, and tritanomaly).

Please note that the test provides data quantifying in detail the responses of subjects in terms of correctness and speed. It is the tester's responsibility to make diagnoses with the help of the data. For those who not trained professionals, the online version is the best option.

This application can be run online in this page or installed on a computer to allow running offline.

To install: right-click >  Install Biyee Color Vision Test onto this computer...

To uninstall: right-click > Remove this application...

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